A Brief History of Outwoods Football Club

A Brief History of Outwoods Football Club

By Darren Tye
3 April
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By Darren Tye

In just a few years Outwoods Football Club has grown from a couple of teams to having over 30 from U7’s through to Adult teams (400+ players). We cater for both boys and girls football AND have an Academy for young kids (school year 1) AND an FA Sponsored ‘Wildcats’ centre for young girls. The following is an outline of our journey…… so far!

Club history by Darren Tye (Chairman and Founder).

"I don't mind helping out with a bit of training," I said, naively.

Like most teams, the initial impetus comes from a desire to get your own child started in football. Having looked around it didn't seem that there were many local options for 5-year-olds wanting to play organised football in a safe environment.

The only option, therefore, was to start something up myself. As the stars lined up in the sky (World Cup year for one!) this went from a vague idea to a tangible structure and Outwoods Football Club was founded on 12th June 2010, which also happened to be World Football Day (you see? Written in the stars!!).

Within 2 years we grew from having half a dozen kids for an hours training on a Saturday morning to running 3 competitive teams in the Burton Junior Football League (BJFL) and an infrastructure of 5 dedicated coaches.

We have a management team that is completely child centred. In other words every decision we make starts with the question, "What's best for the kids?" and then we do that! We welcome children from all areas and are incredibly lucky with the support we receive from parents. This ranges from taking on formal roles such as Parent Team Spokesperson, Club Welfare Officer and Fundraising Manager etc through to ad hoc events such as organising food for parties and fund raising/charity events etc. For this the club would like to say, Thank You!

And where do we keep getting the seemingly endless stream of parents willing to take on the mantel of Coach for all our new and existing teams?

Well, only recently one of our new Dads approached me and as he said, "I don't mind helping out with a bit of training…?" I couldn't help smiling to myself. And, as I walked away, I thought - One day my son all this will be yours!

Mission Statement
Our aim is quite simple: To cater for ALL children regardless of their ability or where they happen to live. We believe in developing children’s longer term life skills such as:


The overriding responsibility of every Manager & Coach is to encourage high standards of behaviour in the game and ensure EVERY player reaches their full potential.

Promoting loyalty, commitment, discipline and a sense of 'team' amongst the players is considered more important than any individual match result no matter how important the game. All Managers & Coaches should lead by example!

The overwhelming priority is to safeguard those that put their trust in us to take all reasonable care to protect our Players and those Adults working within the Club, whilst striving to do all we can to promote development both as Footballers AND Individuals.

It Is A Fact, That In The Right Formation, The Lifting Power Of Many Wings Can Achieve Twice The Distance Of Any Bird Flying Alone!

If you’ve made it this far…..thank you!

Darren Tye
Outwoods Football Club

t: 07990 975567
e: chairmanoutwoodsfootballclub@gmail.com
w: www.outwoodsfootballclub.co.uk

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